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A Halloween Close Call

A Kiki Lowenstein

By Joanna
Campbell Slan
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Author’s Note: In the timeline of Kiki
Lowenstein’s life, this comes after Group, Photo, Grave (Book #8) and immediately
before Killer, Paper, Cut (Book #9).


Chapter 1

Two and a half weeks before Halloween…

suburb of St. Louis MO


it’s spooky or scary, count me out,” I said, shaking my head no for

Chad Detweiler grinned at me before planting a quick kiss on my lips. “Even
if I’m there to hold your hand?”

honey and I were meeting with our friends, Clancy Whitehead and Johnny
Chambers, to discuss how we would celebrate Halloween.

I thought Halloween was your favorite holiday!” Clancy shook her head at
me. She’s one of my favorite people, my co-worker at Time in a Bottle, the
scrapbook and craft store that I now own.

is my fave holiday. I love the colors. Orange. Purple. Neon green. Black. And
all the darling images.”

“And the
candy,” said Detweiler, laughingly.
“There’s that, too,” I admitted. “But the scary stuff? Not so

an interesting picture we must have made. All four of us were very different. Leaning
against the doorsill in my office was the oh-so-classic Clancy, a dead-ringer
for Jackie Kennedy, right down to the dark auburn bob. Sitting on the corner of
my big desk was Johnny, who has Bad Boy written all over him, with that sort of
Cool Hand Luke. And then there was my wonderful Knight in Shining Armor,
Detective Chad Detweiler, with his long legs and amazing green-gold eyes. And
me? Well, I look like a demented beach ball because I’m seven months pregnant
with a head full of curly, dishwater blond hair. I was sitting at my desk in
the big black leather chair, and Detweiler was standing next to me.

underscore how adamant I was, I crossed my arms. Or tried to. I couldn’t
exactly fit my arms over my baby bump. Right now, Alfred Hitchcock and I were
sharing a profile. “I love Halloween, but I draw the line at being
frightened out of my mind. I get enough crummy surprises in my daily life,
thank you.”

matter how hard I try