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Prologue from Tear Down & Die, My Newest Book–







first book in the

Chances Mystery Series



Joanna Campbell Slan




Sally Lippert, who believes in second chances.




Late August, St. Louis


As if he
were looking out into the future, the light faded in Sven’s brown eyes, and his
weight settled in my arms. A sob burst from my chest, as I whispered, “He’s
gone, isn’t he?”

The vet, a grizzled man near retirement age who had a habit of
clicking his dentures, pressed the stethoscope to my dog’s chest. After what
seemed like an eternity, he nodded.

“I killed my dog,” I said to my friend Kiki, as her fingers
gripped my shoulder. “I killed him!”

With surprising strength, she grabbed me and turned me so that
we faced each other. “You did not kill him. He’s been having seizures for the
past eight hours. You released him, Cara Mia. You gave him peace!”

I threw my arms around her neck and cried. I choked and
sputtered and moaned and keened and all the sadness of the past six months
heaved up inside me and overflowed onto the shoulder of my friend. Kiki
Lowenstein simply held me, patting my back, making soothing sounds. The vet wisely
left us alone.

When I was nearly cried out, he asked, “Do you want to take your
dog with you?”

     Kiki’s fianc