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You Could Be a Guest at Sheila's Wedding!

I’m knee-deep in the edits to Group, Photo, Grave, the seventh book in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series (Release date: Fall 2013). Every book has its hard parts and its easier components. I’ve found that I’ve really enjoyed describing Sheila’s wedding. Here’s a taste of it–and remember–you can become a guest at her wedding by entering the Rafflecopter contest! 
* * *
My mother-in-law Sheila’s wedding wasn’t totally ruined
by the discovery of a corpse in the catering tent. After all, the ceremony
itself had been lovely.
Despite her broken collarbone, Sheila had beamed with
happiness as she and Robbie Holmes repeated their wedding vows, while standing
before a rabbi and a priest. The day was beastly hot, but the sun was bright in
a cornflower blue sky, and a light breeze carried the scent of roses in the
air. All in all, a wonderful omen for the new couple. I hoped the photographer,
who went by just one name