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Introducing Shelly Arkon…

Note: Mark your calendars to join me at 7 p.m. EST at for an online Valentine’s Day party! Just go to the words “chat room” in the lower left hand column, click and enter my Chat Room! There will be fun, surprises and prizes!

Introducing Shelly Arkon…

I met Shelly when I visited the Florida Writer’s Association chapter in Tampa. What a doll she is! Her personality is as big as the sun in the Florida sky. So I asked her to join us at my online Valentine’s Day party to tell us more about her paranormal romance, Secondhand Shoes.

When Shelly isn’t doing the laundry, cleaning, cooking, chasing grandkids, listening to daughter drama (five of them), or lopping heads of hair at the salon, she’s writing beside her two fur-peeps, Sir Poops and Hair Ball, popping an occasional chocolate while her hubby is flipping through TV channels.

She lives in New Port Richey with her husband and two dogs. She’s also a member of Florida Writer’s Association and Writer’s of Mass Distraction.

Shelly will be giving away a copy of Secondhand Shoes.
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