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Unplanned and Perfect

Nothing ever goes as expected. You can take that to the bank! But if we allow things to evolve naturally, sometimes the end result is better than we planned for.

I’ve been saving this wire grid for months. I found it on the beach, and the sturdy construction intrigued me. So did the dark green color and the hint of barnacles. With those qualities in mind, I started collecting seashells with naturally drilled holes. I also picked up pieces of driftwood.

Over Christmas, I began my project. I threaded fishing line up and through the holes in the grid. I strung shells on the piece. But I wasn’t really happy with the outcome. My friend Lynn Butler encouraged me to keep at it. My sister Jane liked how organic the piece was becoming.

I guess I’d featured something more structured and formal. However, as I worked, I started to run out of the same-old, same-old shells. I became more and more interested in adding unusual shells–and thinking through how to string up shells with more complicated holes. You see, the conchs don’t have holes that are drilled straight through!

Yesterday, I hung up the finished product. My friends helped me–and Rodney Butler took this photo. What I love most about this wind-chime/whatever is that it will always remind me that the best result isn’t necessarily the one I planned for!

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