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An Interview with David J. Walker

Note: This year again, I’ll be interviewing featured authors who’ll be attending the upcoming Love Is Murder Conference, February 1-3, 2013 in Chicago. My first author is David J.Walker, the author of twelve mystery/suspense novels, and the creator of the Wild Onion Mystery Series, as well as a new series starring Father Paul Clark. The first book in it is called Company Orders.

David is a past president of the Midwest Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, and he lives with his wife Ellen, just north of Chicago. He has been a parish priest, an investigator for the Chicago Police Department, and a lawyer. Now he mostly sits around and tries to think positive thoughts about the future of the planet. Oh… and he writes nearly every day. 

Special Note: I have an Advance Reader’s Copy of David’s newest book Company Orders to give away. Be the first to comment on this post and it’s yours–just remember to email me your postal address at

1.      I have this theory that those of us who grew up listening to the portions
of the King James Version of the Bible have a certain poetry in our souls. Do
you agree? Do you feel that the time spent as a priest reciting and hearing
these works informs your writing? Do you miss the “old” version of the service
that was more poetic?
I’ve had twelve novels published over the last sixteen years or so, and
I’m sure that my time spent as a priest informs my writing in many ways