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Feight–A Zentangle Pattern

As some of you know, I’ve been certified as a Zentangle teacher. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had with a craft. Probably, in part, because it’s so incredibly portable. I can take my tangle stuff with me anywhere!

At night, when I’m done with my writing, I sit down and tangle. This particular design came from a “mistake” one of my students made. See, in the world of Zentangle, there are no “mistakes” only “creative opportunities. And he made one. And I went home and thought about it…and voila!

Feight is a beautiful tangle, I think. Easy to do. Very delicate. I hope you like it!

Can you guess where the name comes from? Hint: Pronounce it “Fate.”

I combined “Figure” and “Eight” to become “Feight,” and I love the sort of metaphor the name creates because a figure eight is also the infinity sign.

You’ll also see another tangle, a very simple one, I call “Phrill.” Yep, it’s probably so simple it might not even BE a tangle, but who cares? I like the gentle curves.

To see the “step out” better, just click on the image.

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