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Kiki in the News

It’s been a thoroughly Kiki type of month.

A couple of weeks ago while I was out shelling with my pal Nancy, I dropped my phone into the briney brink. Bad news. That meant I not only lost my photos, I also lost my ability to read email from the BlackBerry.

Then I had my skin broken by a neighbor’s dog, except I didn’t know the dog belonged to a neighbor and the health department suggested I get rabies shots.

But while I was having my share of “issues,” Kiki was in the news.

First, let me share some great photos taken by Anne Smith at the Boynton Beach City Library event.

Here I am with Connie…

And here’s the coveted armadillo vase.
In the hands of its new owner, Lane C.
And finally, the author (moi) with her book. (Since I’ve moved to Florida, I’m into much brighter colors. Hope you approve!)

I’m excited about appearing at the Virginia Festival of the Book, in Charlottesville, VA, on March 19 at the Omni Hotel. Our upcoming panel at the Virginia Festival of the Book is being billed as one of the 17 hot events that caught the eye of one of the writers at “The Hook” — along with Kathryn Stockett, Kathy Reichs, Jim Lehrer, Alan Cheuse and top acts. Wow.

Here’s the link:

I am giving away a Kindle and other cool stuff to celebrate Barbara Vey’s Beyond Her Book blog’s 4th Anniversary. Go to

And Kiki is up against Jack Reacher in Jen Forbus’s World’s Favorite Amateur Sleuth Tournament. You can vote here: Please do vote! I want to prove that nice girls do finish first! Meanwhile, Make, Take, Murder is in production. Be sure to pre-order your copy from any fine bookseller today. The official release date is May 1, 2011.

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