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Visiting University of Pittsburgh's Book Center

It is a sad fact of modern life that we are often too busy to wander around and explore. But last week when I was in Pittsburgh, I had time in the morning before meeting with the wonderful Lori Vonada (see post on previous day)and her friends, so I decided to get out and stretch my legs.

I’ve never met a bookstore I didn’t like. (That’s a lie. I know of two I don’t much care for.) So when I saw the sign urging students to turn in their used books at the Book Center I stopped in.

Wow. It’s nothing like the bookstores of my college days. It was bright, inviting, beautifully merchandised, and a feast for the eyes. I wanted to meet the man in charge, who turned out to be Russell Kierzkowski, the Publicity and Special Events Director. Check out his “Mad Hatter Tea Party” idea on their site. Doesn’t that sound like oodles of fun?

We talked for a long time. Russ is obviously an avid bibliophile. When we parted, I offered to make a scrapbook page for him. That’s it above.

I hope he’ll like it! I hope I’ll get invited to his next “Mad Hatter Tea Party.” (Hint, hint, hint.)

By the way, the store has my books in stock. I’m glad. I think college students need a bit of recreation along with their studies.

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