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The Luckiest Mom on Earth

That’s what I’m feeling like after my son sent me flowers for Mother’s Day. Aren’t they lovely?

Here I am hugging him when I visited him in Coral Gables, a few months ago. (I think he looks a little like he’s saying, “Gee, Mom. That’s enough.”) He’s become quite the expert on restaurants, so we went to a Mexican place he recommended. The tortilla soup was superb.

And here I am the day before Mother’s Day at a special Mother’s Day Tea at Scrapbooks Plus! in Chantilly, VA. Debbie Chabot made this beautiful display of my books for the event.

Here’s the display:

And here’s Marc Chabot busily cutting up the wonderful French pastries they served for attendees. I can’t tell you how good the lemon meringue pie was! I teased Marc that if any murders were committed with a cake knife, I had proof he was involved.

Here’s one of the lovely teacup sets Debbie Chabot gave each of us. I plan to “take my tea” in my set from now on. These are so pretty, I know they’ll brighten up any day!

One of the women asked me, “How do you get your scrapbooking mojo back when you haven’t scrapped in a while?”

I suggest opening a scrapbook magazine and copying a layout. When you’re feeling stressed or uncertain, copying a layout is a bit like having someone take you by the hand. It leads you gently back to the fun.

Another great idea is taking a class. There’s an altered book class being held at Debbie’s store on May 15, and I’m signing up. I need a treat–and I need a chance to learn more about altering books. The project she had on display was so fabulous, I’m itching to get started. It’s called “Turtle Dreams” and the money goes to helping endangered sea turtles. That’s my kind of fun–good works and good times all in one!

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