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With Deep Appreciation

Once in a while, someone does something so kind and so unexpected that I just want to dissolve in a puddle of tears. That happened to me last Thursday at the Howard County Library.

I was invited to by Jacquelynn Morris to be a part of their “Mysterious Women” Panel discussion. My friend Elaine Viets had suggested me. Being on a panel with Elaine was a career highpoint. She’s been a wonderfully supportive friend and mentor. Back when I lived in St. Louis, I idolized her. It wasn’t until she moved to Florida that we met. I reached out to her in an email, asking for advice about becoming a mystery author. In that way, I consider her one of my “fairy godmothers.”

So you can see why being on a panel with her was a thrill. That’s a photo above of us taking a tour. It’s a fabulous library, a real resource for the community. The place was buzzing, and I itched to sit down and pore over some of the resources.

The other authors were Kris Neri, Beth Groundwater, L. C. Hayden, and Debbi Mack.

Right before the panel started, I spotted Kristopher, a young man I met some years back at Malice. That’s a photo of us together below. He came over, we exchanged hugs, and then…he gave me a gift.

“You’re always giving us stuff, so I thought I’d do the same for you,” he said.

And my eyes filled with tears.

I don’t expect anything from any of my fans. The fact that you all honor me by reading my work is more than enough. So I was completely caught off-guard.

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate all of you?

If not…consider yourself told!

Here’s a look at the project he did:

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