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I’m working like crazy on upcoming special appearances to promote Photo, Snap, Shot.

I wish I could visit each and every one of you. Really I do. I’ve had so many nice invitations. Please know that they warm my heart. I’m trying to keep good records, although we’ve moved in the middle of this venture and I’ve since found out that my computer program did NOT archive messages as it should. I figure that if I keep records of your requests I might be able to visit you sometime in the future, if not now. You see, I have a difficult choice to make when I tour. I can see you in person or I can be about the business of writing. As you can imagine, touring takes money and time, and the latter commodity is very hard to replace. So please know that I keep trying to show up in as many places as possible.

I do have a few alternatives to offer. If I can’t visit you in person, we can always talk by phone to your group, or we can try Skype and you can actually see me in my natural setting, or we can use the “chatroom” function on my website.

Meanwhile, to view my most current travel schedule, I invite you to go to BookTour, plug in “Joanna Campbell Slan” and see where I’ll be.

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