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The Winner of the 2010 Fla-MAN-go Award Is Barry Eisler

Some of the nicest people I know…kill people…on paper.

Barry Eisler is one of those nice people. He’s unfailingly gracious. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s smart as a whip. He’s a heck of a businessman. He’s a good sport.

At SleuthFest this past weekend, he again proved why he’s one of everyone’s favorite authors. On Saturday, Barry was awarded the “Fla-MAN-go,” an honor with a dubious past. Seems that one SleuthFest years ago, the women attendees discovered that the men attendees were discussing which of the women were “hot.” In retaliation, the ladies decided to have their own award ceremony. But to add to the drama, the contest results would be public. All the male contestants are called to a podium. The winner, when announced, is awarded a trophy and a pink boa.

Yeah, you read that right…a pink feather boa.

On Saturday, Barry won the coveted “Fla-MAN-go” Award. After they draped the fuzzy pink stuff around his neck, Barry graciously strolled through the ballroom of the hotel on his “squawk of shame.” When asked about this, his newest honor, Barry said, “This represents the pinnacle of my career as an author.”

In a world full of people who take themselves too seriously, Barry Eisler is a great reminder that nice people finish first, always.

Gee, I’ve never had my photo taken with a Fla-MAN-go before. Pretty cool beans! (I really was smiling, honest! I thought I had a cold all weekend. Turned out, I’m incredibly allergic to tree pollen, and Florida was chock-a-block full of it. ARGH. Nothing like having red eyes and a drippy nose when you are standing next to a handsome guy, huh? Does wonders for your confidence!)

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