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World Premiere of "A Crop to Die For" Dinne Mystery Theatre

What do you get when you combine murder, scrapbooking and mystery theatre?

A Crop to Die For! The new dinner mystery theatre that had its world premiere last Saturday at ScrapbooksPlus! in Chantilly, VA.
The story begins when Kiki Lowenstein brings a carload of women along to a crop. Bit by bit, the women reveal their secrets, and tempers flare. Then we all take a break for dinner. BANG! Somebody “dies!” (Of course, it was all in good fun. We used acrylic paint on our “victim” for the bullet hole in her forehead.)The crop participants had a good time figuring out “whodunnit.” Those who guessed right were given a discount coupon by Debbie Chabot (the store owner), and one lucky person (Larcey) won a special prize. Many thanks to our wonderful cast: Lisa H., Michelle V., Beverlee S. and Kate S. (You all did a splendid job.)You can read what my new friend Marlynn (who’s with me in the photo above) said in her beautiful blog “Honeysuckle Breeze.” Check out her ATCs. Aren’t they gorgeous? Want to put on a dinner theatre featuring Kiki Lowenstein at your store? As soon as I make a few adjustments to the script, it will be available for you to use at your own gathering. (By the way, I had lots of fun playing Kiki. It sure wasn’t much of a stretch.)

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