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Rain, Rain Go Away

When you move to a new place, you don’t know what to expect. I had looked up DC weather before we came, and I thought, “Gee, this is pretty much what I’m accustomed to here in St. Louis.”

Now I’ve discovered they are calling Fall 2009, “A season of soakers.” Yes, it’s evidentally the 15th wettest October on record. Downpours continued and made this the wettest November since 2004. And December is 2 inches ahead of last year. I’m not sure if that takes into account the snow we’ve had and the snow that’s predicted.

What gives?

I walked the dogs an hour ago and stared at the heavy clouds.


Our yard is so wet that I’m thinking, “This would be a great place to try water lilies.”

The dogs’ paws get so muddy, that I keep washing them off in the laundry sink, and the pups are even getting used to this Marine bath situation. (By the way, what is a Marine bath? My mom used to call quick slooshes in the sink by that name.)

It’s a good time for writing. I mean…I have to force myself to get up and get out, but it’s also a hard time for writing because the incessant drum-drum-drumming of rain on the roof at night keeps me awake.


I hope it dries up soon.
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