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Mayhem and Murder in Muskego!

Here I am (below) with “my posse.” These lovely ladies are my fans! I have to say, there’s no better feeling than being at a large conference and knowing there’s a group of people who came just to see YOU. In fact, one lady drove eight hours. I think these women are pretty special. And on those days when I think, “Okay, time to revise…AGAIN,” I’ll pull up my image of their shining faces and remind myself, “These wonderful people are my readers. I need to give them my best!”

Below is the photo we had taken of our panel. We roped Tom Schreck of the Duffy Dumbrowski series into being a moderator. (If you haven’t read him, you’ll fall in love with Duffy and his basset hound.) Tom was such a great sport. We really had the audience laughing. From left, Julie Hyzy, me, Tom, Deb Baker, my pal Shirley Damsgaard, and Denise Swanson.

I stayed at the Ironhorse Inn. Now, I’ve been in hotels around the world. A lot of five-star joints, but this is my favorite place so far. I’m serious. I loved the decor. It took full advantage of the remodeled warehouse. But most of all I loved the view.

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