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Speaker Net News

A wise man once said there’s no such thing as genius, only good ideas transferred from one discipline to another.

That’s why I’ve added a link to Speaker Net News.

It’s a lonely world being an author or even a scrapbook designer. You need great ideas to help you sell yourself. And Speaker Net News has them.

I first started reading it years ago when I became a member of National Speakers Association. Now, I often hear authors say, “It’s so hard to sell my books,” but if you think THAT is hard, try selling nothing but the words you speak. People can touch a book. They can’t touch your speech. So professional speakers are probably the BEST marketers in the world–and Speaker Net News is the premier resource for those speakers.

I urge you to go to the link, click on it, and give Speaker Net News a try. I own many of their podcasts, which I consider to be money well spent, because these are insightful interviews with the top marketers in the world.

Give it a whirl. I’d love to hear what you think!

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