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To Plot or Not to Plot

I’m 10,000+ words into Book #4 of the Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft series. Now’s the time to stop and plot.


I’ve already written a synopsis, I know who died, how my victim died, and what’s up. But in order to do my best work, this is the point where I drag out trusty pencil and paper and start making charts. Yep. Good old fashioned charts.

I’ll chart out what’s happening in Kiki’s life, in Sheila’s life, in Mert’s life, in Dodie’s life, in Anya’s life, in Detweiler’s life, in Gracie’s life…you get the picture. I see myself as an orchestra conductor trying to get all those instruments playing together in harmony. Of course, Kiki is sitting at the Steinway grand. She’s the spotlighted soloist. But all the others have their part to play.

I’ll also consider all the comments I’ve collected about the series. What readers like. What they want more of. What they THINK will happen. What they WANT to happen. How they’d like to see my characters evolve. Of course, it’ s my job to keep throwing curve balls. And I will. Still, I really appreciate everyone’s feedback. I’m not so hidebound or so egotistical that I think I have to come up with all the answers myself. I’ll very willing to listen.

In the end, it has to be my creation. But along the way, only a fool would ignore what other invested people have to say about characters they love.

So…goodbye whizzing along and typing on the computer. Hello, eraser and pencil. Odd to think that sometimes by slowing down, you can actually go faster, but it’s true!

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