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70 Library Holds on Cut, Crop & Die

That’s me and Marsha Ramey, from Sachs Library here in Chesterfield. Marsha was kind enough to set up a meeting with her book club, a lovely group of ladies.
Here’s an email from an attendee:
> Joanna,
> Thank you for your lively and informative talk with all of us at
> Sach’s Library on Wednesday,the 15th of July.
> It was so interesting to hear about the publishing industry and your
> own personal experiences as an author.
> And what fun your Kiki books are! I am patiently waiting for the Cut,
> Crop and Die
which is on hold at the library- I am 40 of 70 holds!!
> Thank you again and I wish you and your family all the best in your
> new adventure to Washington, DC.
> You will love it there, too.
> Nancy Stratte
I wish there were more copies of my book, but…
An author friend told me, “Joanna, you don’t WANT them to have a lot of copies. That way people will be forced to buy them.”
But I see it a bit differently. The more people who get “hooked” on my series, the better the sales of each successive book will become. And that’s my focus…future sales and fans.
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