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A Promotion with a Local Library That Really Worked!

I loved all the responses to Chester Campbell’s blog post. Thanks to all of you who participated. There was a common thread: How do we know what works?

Well, I’ve got a goodie for you. A proven promotional idea, and one that will do well for you. I know because we just tried it this weekend.

We called it “Mystery Go Round” and pitched the idea to a local library. Jim Moses of the Buder Branch thought it a good idea. Here’s how he publicized it:

Mystery Go Round

Join us for a Special Breakfast with Mystery Authors. Meet some old favorites and some new faces in local mystery authors at this special program. You’ll hear about their books and have the chance to ask questions of five different authors at one event! Space is limited, so call to sign up!

Jim graciously promoted this through his library channels, supplied the room, and the treats. He also moderated the presentations.

We authors spent ten minutes at each table, chatting and answering questions. Vicki Erwin of Main Street Books was kind enough to come sell books–and she moved books!

The attendees were incredibly enthusiastic. They loved being able to talk with us in an intimate setting. We all brought bookmarks. (Unfortunately two of our scheduled authors weren’t able to attend, but Julie Earhardt, Angie Fox, Shirl Henke and I had a blast!)

Have you tried anything like this with your local library? I’d love to hear your results.

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