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De-Stress for the Holidays, Part II

Note: This is Part II in a series of posts written by my scrapbooking friends on how they de-stress over the holidays. Be sure to check back on Dec. 15, 18 and 23 for more installments–Joanna

We are big outside light decorators. We have about 15,000 lights. So we enjoy also seeing other’s displays. A nice way for us to de-stress is to do dinner out and take a drive looking for Christmas lights. Tonight we did just that and my Mom was with us. I was happy to see how much she enjoyed the other display and then we got back home to ours. This is our first Christmas without my Dad, he went to heaven in June. So she is spending the holidays with me and my sister, some time with both of us. As avid scrapbookers we need to remember to make memories not stress!


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