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De-Stress for the Holidays, Part I

Note: Last year I asked my scrapbooking friends to tell me how they de-stress during the holidays. I loved their answers so much that I decided to post one every Tuesday and Thursday (Dec. 9, 11, 16, 18 and 23) until Christmas. So be sure you can follow this blog for a very special treat–some welcome ideas for making the holidays a lot BRIGHTER because they aren’t powered by STRESS energy!–Joanna

Spending several days away from my home at my parents’ home, as much as I love them, can stress me out. Plus, I have a difficult time sitting and doing nothing and my parents need to sit and rest much more than I do and want me sitting with them. So, I’ve learned to take some sort of craft/activity that I can talk and do at the same time. Gives me something to keep my hands occupied and de-stresses me at the same time. Sometimes, my mother gets involved as well, which is another plus. The crafts/activities? So far, sorting through decades of non-digital prints for scanning onto CDs (and discussing the memories), making button trees with styrofoam trees/buttons/decorative straight pins, painting and decorating a kraft paper house into a Halloween decoration, etc.

Deborah P

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