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JUST for ME Contest Winners, and a Review of the Past Wild Week!

JUST FOR ME Contest Winners

As I promised, here are the names of the Just for Me Contest Winners:

Christy K. from Louisville KY


Lynn H. from Lawrenceville GA

I’ll be contacting them via email and sending out their gifts.

Meanwhile, keep checking this blog and reading it carefully as I think I will mention other ezine readers’ names–and if YOU respond, I’ll send YOU some sort of fun gift! My gift cupboard is overflowing. I love picking up trinkets as I travel.


Wow. Another whirlwind week. Just returned home late last night from Magna cum Murder, the fantastic conference held at Ball State University (my alma mater) in Muncie, Indiana. Here’s a photo of me and my pal Monica Ferris. Isn’t her hat to die for? (That’s sort of a joke. Her new upcoming book is called Thai Die!) Do you love hats? I sure do.

Be the first to comment on the photo of Monica and me, and I’ll send you a Ball State University coffee mug!

By the way, I also connected with Louise Penny. She’s a wonderful, soulful woman. I’ll try to get her to guest post here.

TEACHER, TEACHER–“Getting Published”

Last Tuesday I filled in as an instructor for a Lewis & Clark Community College Class called “Getting Published”. Since it has been a while since I taught a class, and that one I fell into at the last minute, I was a bit nervous about the evaluations. I opened my email today to read these:

“I have learned more than what I thought I would. The class was grrrreat! I knew it would be good, but it was wonderful. I loved it!”

“The instructor was obviously aware of the topic — I found her to be smart, informative — FAR exceeded my expectations!”

“This course is a ‘must attend’ course for anyone wanting to pursue a writing career. Information is invaluable and well worth the money spent.”

“OMG (oh my god)! Her knowledge taught me so much, I would pay for this class again!”

“Being a working journalist I had a basic overview of writing, but having aspirations as a novelist it was a great help to get me started.”

“I liked how Joanna asked each individual what they expected to get out of the class, wrote it on the blackboard and reviewed that each expectation was met.”

“The instructor made everyone feel very comfortable. She was very professional yet down to earth. She left time for answering questions and open discussion.”

Yes, I’ve been invited back. I’ll try to post the new class schedule here. If you live in the southern Illinois or St. Louis area, maybe I’ll see you.


I’ve asked my pal Luci Zahray if she would be a guest blogger here. No one knows more about poison than Luci. So…she tenatively said, “Yes.” I know she’s busy, and she loves to research, but isn’t so keen on writing, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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