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Getting Published–Additional Resources

Last night I taught “Getting Published” to a group of about 20 people at Lewis & Clark Community College in Edwardsville, IL.

My “students” were great. What a terrific, thoughtful and motivated group of people. Wow. They really kept me on my toes.

To follow up, here’s a list of resources and a few terms that might be helpful to anyone wanting to write and get published:

Groups and Resources That Can Help

* St. Louis Writers Meet Up

Also google “writers meetup” and a plus sign (+) with the name of your particular geographic area.

* National Novel Writing Month

Next month is National Write a Novel Month. This group will help you get on track and encourage you along the way.

* Writers Market

Notice the free 30 day trial period. This is where you’ll find all the information about magazines, periodicals, publishers and agents. Use it like your own personal encyclopedia. Remember: You can look up the publications by topic, then read about how they want articles, etc., submitted. But whenever they offer an online link called “writers guidelines” go to that because it’s likely to be the most current information. You could buy the hardback version, but online is probably a better value.

* Sisters in Crime

A group of mystery authors

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