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Standing in the Footprints of Giants

Last night I did a signing at Left Bank Books.

My heart was banging around in my chest like a pigeon caught in a trap. I was that nervous, and since I’m accustomed to public speaking, the question was, “Why?”

Well, Left Bank Books is the premier independent bookseller in St. Louis. All the biggest names in literature come to town and sign at LBB. In fact, just the week before, I’d been in the audience to hear what John Lutz had to say. And last night, he and his lovely wife Barb were so generous with their time as to be there for me.

I thought John’s approach to his signing was a good one, so I “scraplifted” (copied) it. I set the scene and then read a chapter. John had inserted “he said” and “she said” to help the listeners keep track of who was speaking. A smart move, that.

After I read Chapter Two, I talked a bit about scrapbooking and showed off some pages. I figured that at least some of my audience members probably wouldn’t have any idea how complicated layouts can get. There were lots of “oohs” and “aahs” over the layouts.

I showed off a big poster of Orion, Keri Murphy’s dog, my model for Gracie.

I read another scene–this one a funny one. Then I answered a few questions about the writing process.

All in all, it was rather like a dream. I forgot to give my husband my camera, so I can’t share pictures. But that’s okay. It’s engraved in my mind.

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