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The Real Deal

“Do you really scrapbook?”

That was the question I answered most frequently over my three days at ScrapFest, the nation’s largest scrapbooking get together up at Mall of America. As I stood there in the Archivers’ flagship store, all I could do was grin. I knew why folks were asking. They wanted to know if I REALLY knew what I was writing about in my book Paper, Scissors, Death or whether I was, gulp, a pretender.
Well, folks, let me be clear: I scrapbook. In fact, I scrapbook a lot. And my husband can tell you, I’m addicted! I have way too much paper and all sorts of toys. I have probably thirty albums. I know how to use PhotoShop Elements (some!). I have even taught scrapbooking here at CKU (Creating Keepsakes University), at what used to be called HIA (Hobby Institute of America, now combined with another convention to be CHA), on cruise ships, and in the UK. I also teach scrapbook journaling online for Writers Online Workshops. (I wrote the class for that one.)
Oh, and I am the author of seven scrapbooking “how to” books, and countless articles on the subject that have appeared in Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Scrapbook Trends, ScrapBook inspirations, and the now defunct PaperKuts. So…yeah…I scrapbook.And you can see some of my pages at Click through to the Archives and look at the free scrapbook magazine I’ve been producing for years. Coming soon…as some of you suggested…I’ll put a gallery up on one of my websites!
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