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Krkus Review of Paper, Scissors, Death

When her husband is murdered, the only things that keep Kiki Lowenstein sane are scrapbooking, her daughter Anya and, of course, her unauthorized investigation. The Lowenstein marriage was far from ideal. Kiki had suspected her husband was unfaithful. But still her world crumbles when he is found naked and dead in a hotel room and handsome St. Louis County Police Detective Chad Detweiler suspects Kiki of murder. Her wealthy mother-in-law, who’s never liked her, refuses to pay anything but Anya’s private-school fees when Kiki is forced to sell everything to cover her husband’s debts to his business partner. So Kiki, the queen of scrapbooking, takes a full-time job to support Anya and their Great Dane at Time in a Bottle, the store where she buys her supplies. Things go further downhill when Kiki’s little rental home is robbed and her mother-in-law uses the alleged danger as an excuse to try to take custody of Anya. Her only comfort is that Detweiler has come to believe in her innocence, even though she is briefly suspected of killing her husband’s longtime mistress. Kiki must overcome years of low self-esteem if she’s to survive her traumatic experience and unmask the murderer.Kiki’s debut, a well-turned cozy with loads of scrapbooking tips, will drive many a like-minded reader to indignation on her behalf.

Publication Date: 9/1/2008 0:00:00
Publisher: Midnight Ink/Llewellyn
Stage: Adult
ISBN: 978-0-7387-1250-5
Author: Slan, Joanna Campbell

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