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Marketing Resources You Need to Check Out

I casually mentioned on Murder Must Advertise that I thought all of us would benefit by reading how self-published authors promote their work. After all, if you are self-published, you KNOW you have to make it on your own, often with limited resources.

Here’s a list of sites and blogs I compiled. There’s a lot of great of information here. I suggest you choose one each day and spend a little time going through the articles or posts. (This is great…a wealth of articles on marketing) (The most interesting and useful article I’ve read on marketing fiction…PERIOD. Opens your eyes to new ways of seeing how to promote your books.) (Okay, this isn’t self-publishing, but she’s written about self-publishing) (The guru/granddaddy of self-publishing.) (The godparents of self-publishing.) (Since marketing yourself as a speaker is a great way to sell your book, this is a super resource. You can adapt it for your book.) (These might seem obvious…but how many of us do them?) (Some interesting and new ideas.) (Fascinating article–that all anyone needs is 1,000 True Fans.) (On becoming an octopus or a squid, and why you’d want to.) (I hate all the sales-BSP stuff at the beginning of his newsletters, but I love the info and opportunities.) (Terrific articles.) (Great articles…especially this on finding top blogs.) (A treasure-trove of links.) (Ignore the self-publishing references. It’ll work for traditionally published authors, too.)

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