Sherlock Holmes and the Father of Lies - Joanna Campbell Slan

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Sherlock Holmes and the Father of Lies

The Confidential Files of Dr. John H. Watson

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First book in a New Series for those who love traditional mysteries!


FATHER OF LIES is the first in an exciting new series taken directly from newly-discovered files of John H. Watson, M.D., friend, biographer and colleague of England’s legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes.

When his brother Mycroft disappears, Sherlock Holmes is drawn into the most thrilling case of his career, one that puts his powers to the test as he goes up against the Father of Lies, the Lord of Evil himself. The stakes couldn’t be higher as Holmes and Watson are sent by leaders all over the globe to battle for the very survival of mankind. An international chase will lead them from the serene rooms of London’s Diogenes Club to a scenic, frozen wasteland in upper New York. The two friends will battle their way through caves and underground tunnels and even confront the magnificent Niagara Falls. Readers will love this eerie journey into the lair of the most diabolical villain ever.
The immortal pair’s friendship — indeed, their very lives — will be threatened by the Father of Lies, a cunning creature who would drain every ounce of their willpower and courage. Along the way they — and readers — will meet memorable characters. Like Wiggins, former head of the Baker Street Irregulars, now all grown up! Everyone in this powerful narrative, heroes and villains and supernatural beings, will linger in readers’ memory.
Fans of Laurie R. King, Anthony Horowitz, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse, Sherry Thomas, William Ritter, and of course, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will delight in these new adventures of the brilliant sleuth, his good friend, and his nemesis.

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