Kiki Lowenstein and the Watermelon Festival, Part I

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By Joanna Campbell Slan

Detweiler smiled at me as I handed him a tall glass of iced tea. “I think you should go.”

I turned from him to our kitchen window.  Summer in St. Louis can be oppressive, and today was no exception. Each morning, moisture condensed on our windows, thanks to the A/C inside and the moist heat outside.  Old washcloths worked well to sop up the liquid and clear the glass so that we could see outside.  The lawn rolled on and on, a thick green carpet, perfect for welcoming bare feet. The happy shrieks of our two older children brought a smile to my face. They loved running through the sprinkler, an activity totally new to our adopted son, but one that my teenaged daughter enjoyed every summer.

“It’s a long drive.” I felt my face scrunch into a frown. “Three and a half hours.”

“Good. That’ll give you two plenty of time to catch up.” Detweiler came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Kiki, you two were friends for a dozen years. I know you miss your relationship with Mert. She’s offering you an olive branch. Take it.”

“Take it and drive all the way to Vincennes, Indiana?” I turned so I could look into my husband’s amazing green eyes. “That’s a long, long branch, isn’t it? Okay, she wants to be friends again. Or does she? Is it possible she needs a co-pilot, and I’m the only person available? Maybe she doesn’t really even want me to go along with her.”

Detweiler leaned in close and kissed me lightly on the lips. “If she didn’t want you to come along, she wouldn’t have invited you. Mert asked you to go with her to Indiana because she wants to spend time with you. Quit being such a cranky pants. Now tell me–what did she say you two would be doing?”

For a second, I opened my mouth to protest. He’d already decided I should go. I still had my doubts. Sure, Mert and I’d been best friends since that fateful day we’d met in the cleaning products aisle in Home Depot. But all that had changed when she blamed me for her brother’s involvement in a shoot-out. Unfortunately, the target for the bullets had been little old me. As much as Mert had loved me, she loved her brother more.

“What are your plans?” Detweiler prompted me. As usual, he smelled of Safeguard soap and light cologne. He wasn’t a guy to soak himself, but he always smelled good.

Resistance was futile. I released the tension in my body and enjoyed the comfort of my husband’s arms. “A watermelon festival. That’s what our plans are. Mert assured me that it’s a major big deal in Vincennes. In fact, the town used to be called The Watermelon Capital of the World.”

Detweiler threw his head back and laughed heartily. “Who knew?”

I agreed. “There you have it. If I decide to accompany my friend, we’ll be driving three and a half hours to gore ourselves on all the watermelon we can eat. Woop-de-do.”

Again Detweiler laughed, but this time the sound was richer. “Lighten up, babe. It’s summertime, and the melons are easy picking. I predict that you and Mert will have a blast.”

“Right.” I tried to keep the sarcasm out of my voice. In my heart of hearts, I knew he was right. This was my chance to mend fences with Mert. I needed to grab it.

But a three and a half hour drive in a truck for the purpose of eating watermelon? That did not seem very compelling. No, not at all.

~To be continued~

In Part II, we’ll visit Vincennes, Indiana, vicariously. A heat wave is the least of the problems that the two women face. Somehow they get involved in a crime. (Or did you guess that might happen?)

34 thoughts on “Kiki Lowenstein and the Watermelon Festival, Part I

  1. Joanna, I love Kiki and I love ready about her adventures so as you may guess, I can’t wait for the next chapter
    . Terrie Allison

  2. I am so happy to see that they may be going back to friendship. It made me sad everytime I thought of how important Mert was to Kiki and to think that this woman who showed so much heart rejected Kiki.

    Even in the short peace you have given us a lovely picture of Kiki and Detweiler’s relationship.

  3. Don’t you mean gorge instead of gore?

    There you have it. If I decide to accompany my friend, we’ll be driving three and a half hours to gore ourselves on all the watermelon we can eat.

    verb he was gored by a bull: pierce, stab, stick, impale, spear, horn.

    Have a good summer.

    • Nah, I meant gore. They plan to poke themselves in the eyes with slivers of watermelon. 😉 (Thanks for keeping me honest! I can always use help with proofing!)

  4. Glad to hear she and Mert are getting together again. Seems like she missed her friendship. Listen to me, you would think these were real people. They are to your readers! Looking forward to getting the rest of the story.

    • Thanks! Just so you know, it’ll be a short story. Still working on KK #13, FATAL, FAMILY, ALBUM.

  5. Joanna! You could have picked the Howell (MI) Melon Festival (canteloupes) and I could have done your research for you! Oh, well, maybe next time, LOL! This was just barely enough for a tease, girl. They better have a awesome craft show at this festival is all I have to say! Oh, and I think you want to gorge yourself on watermelon, not GORE. Just sayin’….
    From your Michigan connection…… m2

  6. Happy to see Kiki and Mert making up and trying to salvage the relationship. Have been missing Kiki updates.

  7. Love the start Kiki & Mert that may be a lot for Detweiler to handle!
    You can spell things however you want I think we can all figure out what you mean. Sometimes spell check is not help at all!

  8. I have been reading so much this summer, mostly library books. Trying so many different authors but I do have a special place in my heart for KIKI and your writing Joanna, as always you have a knack for your craft of writing. thanks

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