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Note from Joanna: On Friday, March 23, at midnight, I’ll choose one lucky commenter from this blog to win a cherry blossom set (mouse pad, drawer scent, pencil and postcard).

Anya sat slumped to the right as her fingers pranced over the keyboard. Her headphones looked weird, tilted as they were. I didn’t want to disturb her or scare her, so I called her name. She didn’t respond. I tried again, and then my eyes flickered to the screen. She was playing Forge of the Ages, and her character was negotiating for a necklace.

I glanced at my cell phone. The bus would be leaving in an hour and a half. Her suitcase was sitting empty on her bed. She needed to finish her packing.

“Anya?” I prompted her again, but this time I went to tap her shoulder. That’s when I noticed the lumps running down the side of her throat. At first, I thought I was dreaming. The knots that covered her typically smooth neck were as big as large jawbreakers. How could that be real?

“Honey? Anya? Let me see you, sweetie.” This time I did touch her shoulder, gently, interrupting her concentration. She startled. Her hands flew up.

“Mom! You scared me.” She yanked down the headphones in a motion suitable for pulling off earmuffs.

“Come here.” I took her by the shoulder and guided her to the window. Maybe those lumps had been a trick of the light. No, there they were. Knots positioned the length of her throat from under her jaw to her collarbone. If her blouse hadn’t been buttoned, I would have probably seen more on their way to her chest. I pressed the back of my hand to her forehead. She whined, “Mooo-ooom.”

I turned her so that she was facing away from me. Kissing the skin on the back of her neck, I realized she was burning up. “Stay right there. I’m getting the thermometer.”

Detweiler sat across from six-year-old Erik at the dining room table. Between them sat a series of dominoes and the empty tin case with the logo “Mexican Train.” My husband looked up. “I’ll be ready to take Anya to school in twenty minutes.”

One foot on the lowest step and my hand on the rail, I hesitated. “That might not be happening. She’s running a fever. There are lumps on her neck.”

“Sounds like mono.” He shook his head sadly. “Mononucleosis is extremely transmittable. Even if she gets on antibiotics today, she wouldn’t be clear in time for the school trip to DC.”

“I know it. Let me take her temperature and then we’ll figure out what to do next.”


“Totally unfair and crappy.” Anya rested her forehead against the door window while she sat in the passenger’s side of the car. “This was supposed to be the best cherry blossom display in years. We had reservations to take tea at the Willard. I can’t believe it! Are you sure we can’t tell the teacher that I’ve been on meds for two days? I feel fine, Mom. Really I do.”

Reaching over with my free hand, I rubbed her shoulder gently. “Wouldn’t that be nice? We could just lie to Mr. Harmann, eh? No one would need to know about your fever. When all your classmates get sick, you could just pretend that’s surprise. You could go on and visit DC. Oh, maybe you could avoid little old ladies and old men and babies and anyone with a compromised immune system. If you wore a mask, carrying Lysol, wore white gloves, and went to bed earlier than everyone else, who would notice? It wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? I mean, if someone climbed into your bus seat after you, well, gosh that’s the problem with public transportation, isn’t it?”

With an angry harrumph of her shoulders, Anya refused to face me. I could guess what she was thinking, and it wasn’t very pleasant. I turned up the radio.

Five minutes later, she pointed at a pair of golden arches. “Could we at least stop at McDonald’s? One of those shamrock milk shakes would taste great.”

“Of course we can.” I dreaded walking into the house and admitting to everyone that Anya was staying home. She had saved and saved her money for a seat on the bus going to DC. Taking photos of the monuments and the cherry blossoms was a high priority on her bucket list. Not that it mattered. All her plans would have to wait. Fortunately, we had a bottle of aspirin, antibiotics, and a coloring book that we’d picked up at CVS to keep her occupied. Unfortunately, those items were no substitute for a trip to our nation’s capital.

Anya was pretty good that evening. She hadn’t been looking forward to the long ride, because the school had decided to let two drivers alternate shifts and keep driving all night long. I could imagine how tired the sophomores would be as they drove through Virginia. But the long ride would practically guarantee the civics students that they would arrive as the sun rose on the proud marble markers. The photos should be glorious, which was why the civics and arts class decided to take the trip together. They’d been watching weather reports nonstop since the last week of January.

For Anya, the trip would be a non-starter. She slept all night and didn’t wake up until 10 the next morning. When she remembered that she would have been spending this morning in DC, she groaned and pulled her pillow over her face.

“Tell us about DC and flowers,” I suggested as a way to help her focus on things that were cool. “Come on, sweetie. I want to know.” I plucked the pillow off her face.

She rolled her eyes “Today is the peak day, which means that 70% of them will be in bloom. It varies every year, according to the weather. The majority of the trees line the Tidal Basin, near the monuments to FDR, Martin Luther King, and the Jefferson Monument. It’s illegal to pick a blossom.”

“How did they get there?”

“Teddy Roosevelt decided the nation’s capital needed sprucing up, but nothing was done until Helen Taft, President Taft’s wife, saw the monochromatic nature of the city as an opportunity to get involved in diplomacy. We’d had an ongoing trade and immigration imbalance with Japan, but a few wealthy Japanese businessmen actively sought a way to thank our country. Cherry blossoms are highly prized in Japan, but the first shipment of trees was teeming with bugs and had to be destroyed.”

I shook my head. “Wow. Talk about a rocky start.”

“The mayor of Tokyo was very embarrassed. The next shipment was bug-free. Because the trees only live to be about 30 years old, the ones blooming today are offspring. The blossoms are white and pink. Thanks to the efforts of the National Park Service, today there are 3,750-some trees that flower each spring, but I won’t be able to see them!” With that, she dissolved into tears.


“Why is Anya so sad?” Erik asked. “Because she feels bad?”

I explained about the cherry blossoms. “They’re only in bloom a few days. She’ll miss them.”

Erik pulled out his iPad and scrolled through several pages. “Look, Mama-Kiki. We can make cherry blossoms. See? Here are the directions, CHERRY BLOSSOMS. s

I glanced at them. “One problem, buddy. We don’t have tissue paper.”

“You always say, ‘Be creative.’ We have to be creative, right?” His chocolate brown eyes challenged me to live up to my own motto.

“That’s right. Tell you what. I think we have coffee filters in the pantry. Let’s go see.”

I was right. We found a package of the white circles. I sent Erik to get his watercolors. We spent a happy hour or so, coloring flowers and leaves. Because we didn’t have filaments to use for stamens, we dipped yellow embroidery floss into Elmer’s glue and frayed one end. The colorful mix dried on a dish rack set upside down. An hour later, we cut out the blossoms and assembled the branches. We also found an app that would put cherry blossoms on Anya’s DESKTOP.  Then I discovered a 99 cent app that would create STICKERS.

While Erik finished arranging the branches, I made Anya a cherry milkshake. I put a handful of frozen cherries in the blender, added chocolate syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and 8 ounces of milk. After blending it, I served it in a tall glass with a squirt of whipped cream on top.

Anya sat in her bed, sipping her milkshake and admiring the spray of cherry blossoms that Erik made for her. “Do you know what the cherry blossoms mean?” she asked her little brother.

“They mean spring is coming.”

“Yes, but they’re also a reminder to enjoy every day.” She put a dab of whipped cream on the tip of his nose. “Especially those days when I get to be with my brother.”


Have you ever seen the cherry blossoms? What does spring mean to you?

109 thoughts on “Kiki Lowenstein and the Cheery, Cherry Blossoms — Comment to win your own cheery, cherry blossoms

  1. Spring means windows open and cats on the window sill and playing outside with our grandson. I would love to see the cherry blossoms but only got to visit our son when he was stationed in Maryland during the winter months.

  2. I saw them once in DC. It was freezing outside, and I was so cold it was hard to appreciate them. But they are beautiful!

  3. I have, it is one of the most beautiful sights I have seen. I have been blessed these eyes have seen some glorious sights. Cherry blossoms are one of my favorites, as well as the Dogwood blossoms.

  4. Someday I hope to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. Looks like Erik is following in Kiki’s footsteps and will be very crafty. Loved the story. Thank-you!!

  5. I have been in DC for work during the Cherry Blossom festival. It is quite beautiful but so many people, it made the already tough DC traffic even worse.

    Spring means awakening to mean as all the flowers and trees start to bloom. But sometimes in New England, spring takes awhile to arrive, like this year. We are experiencing our 4th Noreaster of the month 🙁

  6. We had two cherry trees when I was growing up. I’ve also been to DC at peak cherry blossom time, and it was beautiful.

  7. I have not been lucky enough to have seen cherry blossoms. If they are anything like orange blossoms like we have here then I know I would love them.

  8. I would love to see the Cherry Blossom, especially the ones in China, too far for me to travel, althoughI imagined how poor Anya would have been feeling at missing the trip, especially as she had saved for it herself.

    It was great to find some cool related hyperlinks and would love to use the ideas with my students.

  9. I was able to go with my son and his class one year! What a great time I got to spend with him, and enjoy the beautiful site of the cherry blossoms! A memory I won’t soon forget!

  10. There’s a Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco and although not the same, it’s nice to have. I’ve been to DC during the season but not when they were all open and so beautiful. I’m looking forward to when the winter ends, like most around the US these days. Spring is coming – soon, I hope!

  11. I have not seen the cherry blossoms. I would love to go to DC to see them.

    I love the directions to make the cherry blossoms. Into my file it goes! Even though summer isn’t cherry blossom season, I will have time then.

    Thank you!

  12. Haven’t been to Washington, it’s on my bucket list. I enjoyed the story. It reminded me of when my kids were young and how simple life was back
    before they grew up. Yes, girls, it gets even more complicated with wives, children and new homes. But, I wouldn’t change much of it even if I could.

  13. I’ve always loved cherry blossoms, and would love to take a trip someday to see them. Anya was very sweet to her little brother, and I’m sure she will get to see them another time.

  14. The little guy .. he is going to be a worthy partner for someone someday . Loved his heart.. life throws curves and it truly is the little things that get us through it.. like coffee filter cherry blossoms . Thanks for the smile

  15. I have not had the opportunity to see the Cherry Blossom in DC. When we took our trip there they had just ended. But I do need to take a trip there someday to experience them as they are lovely.

    Spring to me represents rebirth, everything coming back, growing back. Flowers, trees, animals…love it

  16. What a sweet family story. I’ve never been any further north than West Virginia so the little bit of history and descriptions of the cherry blossom season in DC was very interesting to read.

  17. Never saw the cherry blossoms in DC; but love the hints of spring in the mid west- our spring bulbs are growing, even though it’s snowed on them twice. Pretty soon, we’ll see yellow buds!

  18. My sister and I would sometimes drive down an avenue type of road at Haines Point on our commute to work in D.C. Pictures cannot do justice to the beauty. The best way to calm the daily commute and start the day.

  19. Spring is the time of new beginnings, of growing, of family. Anya and Erik and their antics bring back fond memories for me of life on the farm.

  20. I have not seen the cherry blossoms in person. Spring , to me , means warmer temperatures, more sun, and baseball and softball.

  21. I was impress that the young girl knew so much about the cherry blossoms and how they got to Washington. Her family was so supportive for her and did some really cute things to make her feel better. I really enjoyed the story. We have a small cherry blossom tree in our front yard and it is just starting to bloom it is so exciting to me because it means spring is on it’s way.

  22. I’ve never seen the cherry blossoms in person. Spring is my favorite season because of all the flowers my husband has planted around our house and gazebo. It’s a beautiful array of color! We used to have hundreds of tulips…until the shrews ate all the bulbs. Every year there were less and less that survived. My husband tried everything to get rid of the little critters but nothing worked. Too bad we didn’t have an outdoor cat!

  23. I would love to see Cherry Blossoms in bloom. My daughter did an internship in D.C. once and seeing them bloom was her favorite part of living there for 9 months. She was there last week but they were not in bloom and she was very sad. Sorry Anya had to miss her trip, but clever of Erik and her coming up with their ideas to make her feel better.

  24. I have been to D.C. but never when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. It would be nice to be able to see them and get some good pictures – for scrapping of course! Spring to me is seeing the trees start to bud and slowly turn green, and seeing spring flowers burst into bloom!

  25. Spring to me brings new life after a dreary winter, the birds singing, laying eggs for the new lives of the future. Butterflies fluttering and bees buzzing,flowers blooming and trees turning green.

  26. We are waiting for the same Northeaster you just experienced. The forth storm this month. I have never seen the cherry blossoms in D.C., I think I will add them to me bucket list. Great story.

  27. I have never been to DC but will go someday. Can’t wait for spring so I can open the windows and work in the garden. Still cold in the Chicago area.

  28. I’ve only seen pictures of cherry blossoms but they are very pretty. Spring means longer days and warmer weather and being outside more.

  29. I have never seen Cherry Blossom trees but would love to since they are beautiful and represent Spring in all its glory. Spring is delightful and filled with promise and life.

  30. I think about 60 years ago my parents took the family to DC and we saw some of the cherry blossoms. I recall it being pretty but not as lush as many pictures show so probably not a peak day. But springtime isn’t really cherry blossoms for me. It’s the crocus and daffodils and other early spring flowers opening suddenly into glorious colors and smells. Its birds everywhere singing happily. It is the grass looking green and vibrant after winter. But mostly it is a freshness in the air and a feeling of lightness as you go about what we call chores when it is cold and snowy! A season of renewal and beauty.

  31. Yes, I have seen the cherry blossoms in D.C. They are beautiful. Spring is the time I most enjoy working in my yard. I love the gorgeous azaleas with the iris blooms following on their end. Because the temperature isn’t too hot yet, my pansies are still in bloom as well. My roses are budding and my Texas white wisteria just finished blooming. My Easter Lilly is shooting up and blue bonnets line the roadside! Spring is filled with beauty and wonder and anticipation of the good things life will bring.

  32. Sadly, I have yet to see a real cherry blossom. The trees look lovely.
    I like Spring since the wildflowers here in the desert are blooming, especially the Golden poppies.

  33. Wow, how inventive you are! Of course, LOL.
    I look forward every spring to seeing blossoms on the trees, and they start early here in NC. The cherry blossoms are among the first to bloom, and since they are a little pink, they are easy to spot among the tulip trees and Bradford Pear tees that all bloom white.
    It means the cold is almost gone (not this year, unfortunately), and soon it’ll be time to plant and enjoy more sunshine and good weather. No coats!

  34. Sweet story. I love having the project links right in the text. I wonder how the snow will affect the cherry blossoms this spring. I always try to visit friends in DC when the blossoms are peaking.
    I have to remember to check my fruit trees when today’s snow melts to see if I can possibly force some indoors for Easter.
    Now back to making mini lavender plants for my clubs garden scene.

  35. I was born in Washington D.C. but have not been back since I was toddler. I love the cherry blossoms they remind me of spring and that world is waking up after a long winter’s nap.

  36. I had the cherry blossom and dogwood stamps. Spring means warmer weather and less bundling up. Flowers may bloom. I went through Washington, D.C. once in the summer on my way to Williamsburg, VA.

  37. As ususal, loved the story. Have never seen the cherry blossoms. Have not been further east than MN. Sorry about all the bad weather you alll are having. Here in SW Colo we hare been having unusually warm and dry weather.

  38. Poor Anya missing the Cherry Blossoms . Loved how her little brother tried to cheer her up by making some. I’ve never had the pleasure to see them in bloom but have always thought it would be fantastic site to see.

  39. I have never seen the cherry blossoms in Washington DC! Timing has never been right!
    I Love Spring as the land & surroundings start to wake up after a long winter! Spring means Easter, out Oldest Grandsons Birthday ( 16 this year on Easter Sunday), our 52nd Anniversary this year, my Birthday, & longer days to enjoy😊

  40. I have never seen the Cherry Blossoms except in pictures but they are so beautiful. Springs means to me a time of renewal, a fresh start, my Tulips and Irises to pop up and the world is full of color again. The weather gets warmer and the air smells so fresh. I love Spring it is one of my favorite times of the year (Fall too!).

  41. Nice sweet story. I think the links to cherry blossom crafts was a nice touch. I have only seen the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. in photos but enjoy visiting the city with all the special monuments and museums. I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and the flowers of spring. Unfortunately we are also having a snow day from the latest Nor’easter and it seems more like winter yet instead of the first day of spring.

    • Elaine, you won! I used a random number generator. I put in 106 entries, and it chose #52, and that’s you! Please email me at with your mailing address and I’ll get the goodies in the mail to you! Hurrah!

  42. Loved the story. Spring means opening up windows and going for walk without slipping on ice covered sidewalks. Never have I seen cherry blossoms as I live in Canada. Too bad Spring also means, in many places, more snow.

  43. With all our snow and frozen temps, I just hope the wonderful blossoms I remember on MY high school trip survive the latest storm. They are delicate and strong and VERY short lived. And I never seen that color any other place

  44. Today was the first day of spring, & we had 5+ inches of snow, with another 12 in the forecast! But reading about Erik’s creative love for his big sister warms my heart! 💖

  45. I like be spring! It’s a time of new growth and the Risen Lord!
    I’ve seen the cherry blossoms in Washington D. C. – a most beautiful and awesome sight!!🌸🌸🌸

  46. I’ve seen cherry blossoms…spending much of my teens near Cherry Valley, in southern Ca near the desert…which obtained its name from the cherry orchards. In my late twenties, I moved to the east coast with my husband and children…never living more than 100 miles from Washington DC. I’ve been to the mall, the monuments, and the museums but I’ve never been to see the cherry blossoms. I truly yearn to see them but for the next month or so, I am over 7000 miles away! Maybe next year!

  47. When I first moved to D.C., the cherry blossoms were peaking. We walked to the top of the Washington Monument and the view of the pink and white trees was spectacular!

  48. Poor Anya! I love Cherry Blossoms and would be disappointed to miss them myself. Hope one day to make it to DC. Spring is for new beginnings.

  49. Thank you for the story 🙂 I would love to see the Cherry Blossom too.
    Karen mentioned in the comments that there’s a Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco…I live close by and I’ve never heard about it…
    Need to do some research 🙂

  50. Spring means new beginnings, getting outside and a taste of warmer times to come. Living in the north, spring brings hope for summer! I have gotten to visit DC during Cherry Blossom bloom once. Unfortunately I had an injury and was unable to walk much but I was able to look and it was beautiful. I am all healed up now and look forward to being active. Thank you for your lovely stories and characters and for sharing your life with us.

  51. I have seen Cherry Blossoms before and they are breathtaking. Spring means warmer weather is on it’s way. Beautiful flowers will soon be blooming, brightening things up after a bleak winter. What a thoughtful brother.

  52. I was in D.C. a few years ago… there were signs everywhere that it was cherry blossom festival time, but not one blossom did I see. I guess they were late that year. Oh well, maybe next time!

  53. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and in the fall, everything is dying. Spring is my favorite time of the year. Wild birds and animals are having babies, flowers are blooming, the delicate pinks and whites of cherry blossoms proliferate throughout the Japanese Gardens, and it seems like the northern hemisphere is coming back to life. It’s the season of hope. Besides, my birthday comes in the spring!

  54. I have seen cherry blossoms in the Japanese Gardens.

    Spring for me is when the jonquils grow up through the grass on my front lawn

  55. My daughter-in-law sent me pictures of my grandchildren standing under the cherry blossoms in Japan. Absolutely gorgeous.
    They will be returning to Japan after my son’s second tour in South Korea is completed this year.
    I’m planning on becoming rich and famous so I can fly over to see them.
    The last time they were there, my son’s side of the family did not get to see them for five years, though she and the grandchildren came back to the States several times. I don’t want to go through that again.

  56. Spring means new beginnings. In March 2005, just two days before the beginning of spring, I was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer and began six months of chemo shortly thereafter. It was a new beginning for me and I’m happy to say that 13 years later I am considered cured. I’m glad there is more daylight and happy that with it, moods improve! I have never been to DC, but I ever had the opportunity to go, it would be when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

  57. I have never been to DC at cherry blossom time although it is on my to do list. 🙂. Spring is my favorite season. I love all of the new growth, the flowers starting to bloom, being able to hear the birds in the morning, the weather warming…. I could go on and on!

  58. I have not seen the big Cherry Blossom festivals. I am sure they are a sight to behold. Loved reading this. I miss Kiki.

  59. Thank you Joanna! SO fun. I have always heard about the Cherry Blossoms, but this told me more of the backstory!

  60. I love cherry blossoms, especially Kwanzan Cherry trees. They look like powder puffs.

    We have two towns, a twin city almost, New Hope, PA & Lambertville, NJ where they are everywhere and on main streets. So beautiful, I go every year to see them. And it’s bit closer than D.C.

  61. I would love to see the Cherry Blossoms. I didn’t know this about Washington D.C.
    Spring means airing out the house, new energy and new life with all of the farm animal babies.
    This year spring also means that my youngest is graduating from high school and will be heading off to college in the fall.

  62. Was excited that we were going to D.C. last week And may see some Cherry Blossoms. Unfortunately it was too cold and no blossoms. Love Springtime in places where flowers bloom. We miss that in Florida.

  63. I would love to go see the Cherry Blossoms 🌸. I’ve only been to D. C. once and that was a 6th grade school trip many years ago. Would love to go and see all the things I saw as a child as an adult.

  64. We went to DC on our honeymoon it should have been perfectly timed to see the famous cherry blossoms in bloom.
    It had been a very cold Spring and the blossoms remained tightly closed while we enjoyed being tourists in our nation’s capital.
    Our short visit was about to end but on the next to last day the weather took mercy on us and by the following day we got to enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms, while no where near full bloom, they were made our last honeymoon day absolutely perfect!

    Spring is a celebration of life, with many family birthdays, anniversaries First Communions Confirmations and weddings.
    We spent most of our lives in upstate New York so for us it’s Apple Blossoms that represent Spring.
    Out here in the desert we enjoy the ‘Spring Bloom’ when the desert bursts with color (especially in years when we’ve had substantial Winter rains)

  65. Spring is flowers, and warmer temps but also a rebirth. We emerge from a long winter ready to meet the new season. This is my favorite season. I love to do outdoor activities like walking and biking.

  66. I’ve never been to DC, so never have seen the Cherry Blossoms. Some day…..

    To me, Spring is a fresh beginning, new possibilities. It’s the start of spending every free minute outside-without a coat. Time to get the garden ready for summer planting. I also love watching the animals, birds, rabbits, deer. So much to look forward to!

  67. I had to look up on google if Cherry Blossom trees produce eatable cherries. Apparently, they do not. Who knew? I loved how Eric holds Hannah to her own ideas concerning crafts and using what is available. Maybe Eric will grow up to run the scrap booking/craft store. I loved that Hannah taught Anya to be socially responsible concerning spreading her illness. Well done and excellent parenting skills.

  68. I have never seen the cherry blossoms, but my son’s class had to miss their trip to DC as well. This past Tuesday when we dropped off his suitcase, I asked what happens if it snows and school is delayed. They assured me everything was looking great and going on schedule. 3 hours later the school secretary called and said the trip was cancelled because DC was expecting close to 12 inches of snow! All that saving, excitement and preparation dashed because of a Nor’easter! But they are promising to either reschedule or find another awesome place for the kids to go. Spring to me means being outside, hands in the dirt or cutting the grass. I miss it!

  69. I have not seen the Cherry Blossoms but would love to! Spring means plants popping out of the ground, grass turning an emerald green, bright sunshine and grey rainy days, and a while new attitude after a long winter! (I enjoyed your shortie)

  70. I absolutely love cherry blossoms, always make me smile when I look at them. I also loved this little story about the school trip which sounds like it would have been amazing, especially after reading the history lesson she gave her mother. Spring for me is the time of year that my ailments don’t seem to bother me so much.

  71. I love DC. I saw the cherry blossoms a long time ago on a Spring school trip. Coincidentally, I was recovering from mono! I nearly missed the trip and at the last minute the doctor determined that I was well enough to go. We have visited DC many times since then without any illnesses!

  72. Haven’t seen them in person but the pictures I have seen are gorgeous. Maybe one day. Spring means allergies and cleaning. Paring down this year to enjoy life more. Enjoyed the story!

  73. I’ve never been to DC. I’d love to go one day, maybe I’d bring Will and the grandchildren! Now that would be fun. I love 🍒 especially in pies, pastries and chocolate covered.

  74. I have never had the opportunity to see cherry blossoms, but I would love to.
    Spring means warmer weather and a chance to be outside more.
    Great story !!

  75. Spring means a time of rebirth. After Mother Nature tucks all her beauty to sleep in the fall, we get blessed with the rebirth of them in the Spring. The reappearance of flowers, tree’s budding, and especially the birth of animals are all things that make Spring one of my favorite seasons.

  76. When I was traveling in the big truck with my late husband, we went through a small town in Georgia that had planted Cherry Trees all over town. If I remember correctly, it was early April. They were in full bloom. It was an awesome site. I wish I could remember the name of the town. I’m sure I took pictures. I loved traveling across our country in spring. Everything is renewed and seems happier.

  77. Cute family story. It is an amazing site to see all the Cherry Blossoms surrounding the tidal basin. I love taking the train up to DC and spending time walking around there before meeting my husband after work for dinner

  78. I haven’t seen the cherry blossoms.. Spring means opening the windows, sitting on the porch drinking coffee and singing birds.

  79. This was a really good story and I liked how they wanted to make her feel better. Spring is a time of rebirth for all living things. I like to set on my porch and listen to the birds in the evening when all is more quiet.

  80. Spring is the beginning of a fresh new look with trees budding, plants starting to grow and green grass!. Thanks for the wonderful story and teaching me a piece of history I did not know.

  81. I’ve always wanted to go to D.C. and see the cherry blossoms but have never been able to do so and now it’s too late. So I’ll have to be content with observing our lovely peach blossoms and seeing the cherry blossoms vicariously through others.

    Thank you Joanne for your wonderful stories

  82. I would love to see the Cherry Blossoms blooming in D.C. Have only seen them in photos. We have several different blooming trees here in the Midwest which is always a bright reminder of spring. I like the craft idea in the short story of making blossoms and will try with some ‘crafty’ friends.

  83. When my grandson was born my Military family was stationed in the Seattle; I left the snow of IL and went to see my new grandson. While I was there I visited UW and Cherry Blossoms were blooming beautifully. I love spring with every new item, new buds on trees, tulips breaking ground; it make me feel like life is renewed. It is such a gently beautiful time of year.

  84. Thanks for the history lesson. I love the way you incorporate history or human interest issues into your stories!!

  85. I am an Australian and visited Washington DC in November 2007. Obviously no cherry blossoms at that time of year, but I would have loved to have seen them! I was born in Japan but my Australian Army father brought my Japanese mother and me to Australia when I was only 3 months old. Sadly I have never been back (60-odd years later), so haven’t been able to see cherry blossoms in their ‘natural habitat’ either.

  86. Even though I only live about 2.5 hours from DC I never have made it in time to see the blossoms, but we are lucky enough here to have a few trees in the Japanese garden to see how beautiful they are. I love the new grass in spring, there is something about fresh green grass poking out of the old brown stuff the makes me so happy.

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