Kiki Lowenstein and the Penny Pincher (Part 3)

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By Joanna Campbell Slan

Editor’s Note: In Parts 1 and 2, Kiki Lowenstein, owner of Time in a Bottle, has been teaching a two-session class called “The Double-Dip.” This week, her customers brought in one of their favorite dessert recipes, a photo of the dessert, and the recipe to use in an 8- by 8-inch cookbook album. There’s a bit of friction in the group because Iona Lippman and Lisa Ferguson both claim to make an outstanding red velvet cake

20 thoughts on “Kiki Lowenstein and the Penny Pincher (Part 3)

  1. Drat. Well that is that. not feeling patient about waiting but will be trying to work out what happens next.

    Thank you for giving us these little insights, it keeps us going until the next big read.

    Loving the tips.

  2. Going to say I never got the scrapbooking bug. Guess it couldn't find a space, what with my books, dolls, counted cross stitch, needlepoint, plastic canvas, and dollhouse miniatures.

  3. Shoot! It was so good I "sped read" it and now I'm sad – write faster Mrs. Joanna!!! I really liked your ideas for alternate albums too. Some of them I knew about but some were totally new to me & I admit I haven't done ANY of them so I guess it's time to scrapbook!

  4. Suzanans, I have three new books coming out. One in November, one in December, and one in January. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you'll know about all of them. And I'll try to keep producing short stories like this. How's that for a deal?

  5. Another fantastic installment in the Kiki adventures. Yes all that Kiki does leads to some sort of adventure which I love. Looking forward to the next installment.